Athlete Lab – Terms and Conditions

1. Member’s Acknowledgement

The Member agrees that:

  1. He/she has read the terms and conditions herein and accepts them as a legal and binding contract;
  2. He/she is of legal age and capacity and has voluntarily entered into this Agreement; If he/she is not of legal age, a parent/guardian must consent to entering into this Agreement on his/her behalf
2. Membership Subscriptions

The Member agrees that the Membership subscription(s) selected entitles him/her to the services and/or products as stipulated by their membership level. The Member agrees that this Membership is not transferable.

3. Membership Term and Payment Terms

The Membership Term is a minimum of six (6) months from date of purchase.

The Member agrees that at the end of the minimum Membership Term, the Membership will automatically renew for another full six (6) months commitment, unless a request in writing is submitted one (1) month prior to the automatic renewal.

4. Payment Terms

The Member agrees to pay the Monthly Rate as stated herein for a minimum of six (6) months (i.e. completion of six (6) billing cycles) on entering into this Agreement.

Monthly payments will be charged via PayPal only.

At the end of the minimum Membership Term, the Member’s subscription(s) will be automatically renewed for a further full six (6) months commitment, as such the Member agrees to complete another six (6) billing cycles.

5. Membership Termination

This Membership may not be terminated by the Member until the expiration of the committed Membership Term and a request in writing is submitted 1 month prior to the automatic renewal.

If the Membership is cancelled before the end of contracted period for any reason, the Member agrees to pay S$ 500.00 for early termination plus any balance due from the original contract. The total amount will be invoiced to the Member directly.

4. Membership Freeze Policy

The Member agrees that he/she is entitled to freeze the Membership for a maximum of two (2) months per 6 months membership, in one-month blocks.

The Member must submit a written request at least fourteen (14) days prior to the requested Freeze Period.

A fee of 25% of the Membership Monthly Rate plus an administration fee of S$40.00 will be charged for the Freeze Period. Balance of the Monthly Rate less the total Freeze Fee will be refunded to the Member by Cash Cheque within the Freeze Period.

5. Penalty for No Show

If a Member who has a tier of membership allowing unlimited monthly use fails to cancel a session within the cancellation period (which ends 5 hours before the ride) then they will be charged a $30 No Show Fee.

6. Credits, Rides and Ride Packs

Credits, Rides and Ride Packs which are not used within 3 months of the purchase date expire and no refund will be offered

7. Payment Obligations

The Member agrees that he/she will not be relieved of any payment obligations and no deduction or allowance will be made from any outstanding payments by reason of the Member’s absence, failure to attend or non-usage of Athlete Lab facilities and services.

8. Changes to the Terms & Conditions

The Member understands that the Terms and Conditions may be amended by Athlete Lab without prior notice.

9. Waiver and Release of Liability

The Member is fully aware that participating in any exercise program can be a potentially dangerous, hazardous activity. The Member is specifically aware of the potential dangers of participating in the Athlete Lab Pte. Ltd. (“Athlete Lab”) training programs, cycling studio, open water swimming, outside cycling, racing, running and/or other events and activities Athlete Lab may organize (“Activities”) and he/she shall assess his/her suitability to engage in any/each of these Activities and assume total responsibility should he/she decides to proceed.

In consideration of the Member’s acceptance into the Athlete Lab Activities, the Member, the undersigned (parent or guardian if participant is under 18 years of age) intending to be legally bound, do hereby for him/herself, his/her heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, assumes any and all risks of participating in said Activities, and he/she hereby waives and releases any and all.