Feeling Good

Don’t Just Do, Learn As You Go

Apart from learning tips from your friends or more experienced athletes make sure to ask us questions about how to train or why we do skills, drills, and emphasize certain aspects of fitness and performance over others.

It all starts with knowing what kind of athlete you are, then finding out what you need – not just what you want. Let us help you find out in these following ways:

Crank out the (in)famous Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test: a super-hard effort for 20mins, but reaps great rewards. Know your power zones for training and zoom in on specific indoor ride sessions as well as your own bike out on the road – get the correct start to your training season proper. Show your mates in your group ride or at work what you’ve been up to – invite them down to test themselves over the same 2% hill-climb course. You might even get a shot at appearing on our power-to-weight ratio Leaderboard. Find the best way to ace the test here.

Get to the next level with the Lactate Threshold (LT) test: for those who intend to go long in the saddle with the aid of HR monitoring. Ask us about the pre-test protocols to get you ready so you hit accurate readings (hint: there will be blood). The most convenient LT test in the CBD area – so get your training buddies/colleagues who cycle to drop in and give it a go (we’d recommend they stay off the coffee beforehand!). Read more here.

Humble but useful – the ABC skills clinics: we recognize the need to be strong but also smart and safe on the roads. That is why we have devised a monthly Absolute Beginner Cyclist clinic. Sessions will take on subjects like bike handling, packing a bike for travel, peloton etiquette, traffic safety, and mechanical skills. After all, isn’t that what you put the fitness training in for? We wish you to be a better version of yourself out on real roads, not just producer of nice numbers in the Lab.

Special attention – Bike Fit Seminar for Ladies: we recognize that the female riders amongst us will benefit greatly from discrete but candid, honest discussion about lady-specific bike fit issues. Comfort + performance go hand-in-hand: so if you feel you’re not getting the best out of your two-wheeled machine, come down to Athlete Lab on Monday,16 March evening to hear what VJ Varada (SBCU Fit Professor) has to say about optimizing female performance with some attention to detail on bike components and adjusting. Reserve your attendance with us or sign up (if you’re a member) on MBO as our slots are filling fast with huge interest picking up!

Pick Your Next Race Wisely - Our coaches can help you figure out what kind of race will slot well into your schedule. Do not let ‘peer pressure’ rule your sign-ups – figure out how to gain optimal performance by picking the correct sequence and space between races, and save some money while you are at it.

Yet to find your training groove? Call us or email us to find out how to schedule yourself for some training indoors/outdoors, get some advice/coaching, or commit to a customized training plan to get you ready!