The Off Season is coming, what should I do?

The off season is magical. Christmas, festivities, closing the year, it truly is the best time of the year. Not only should you utilise the off season as a time to recover, but also to plan and prepare for the upcoming season.

Yoga and Cycling, Yin & Yang?

Like salt and pepper to a dish, peanut butter and jelly to a sandwich, what does yoga and cycling equate to? Or do they even need to equate to anything?

Athlete Lab Pride (Bintan 70.3)

News flash - Jennifer Zenker dominating the age grouper category (30-34) of the recent Bintan 70.3 Swiping the podium(1st) with a race time of 5hrs 2mins 43secs! Athlete Lab: Could you describe how your training and preparation (physically, mentally and equipment-wise) leading up to “Bintan 70.3” went? As I decided just two weeks before the race (on the day when registration closed) to sign up for Bintan 70.3, I had no specific preparation at all for the race. At the end of 2015 I moved to Singapore and since then I trained only by myself just to stay fit as my new life here was challenging enough without any races. I swam and run regularly but almost no bike riding. The more time passed, the more I missed the training with others, to be challenged and to race again. For me it was probably more the mental switch as life got better in Singapore that I felt ready to race again. But also starting recently to train again with some groups showed me that I was still able to swim, ride and run strong. So, I thought to give it a try and to see where I am at now.

Effective hydration for competing in hot & humid climates

Preventing dehydration in hot and humid climates is essential during both training and racing. Dehydration adversely affects your performance during training and slows your ability to recover for your next workout. In extreme cases of dehydration while exercising you risk nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fainting or disorientation. This should never be considered a ‘normal’ consequence of training in a hot climate. With proper hydration and sports-specific nutrition while you train and race, you can easily prevent the onset of these adverse conditions. Not only will you perform better, but you will enjoy your race far more.

Coaches Corner

Drafting is an important part of cycling whether it be charging along the French countryside in the Tour, lapping the velodrome in the team pursuit or just on a Sundayclub ride. If you draft behind another rider who is cutting the wind you obviously gain a significant advantage. Not only are you no longer pushing against the wind, but you are literally being ‘carried’ along by the eddying flow of the air pocket created behind. This can save you between 20 and 40 per cent of your energy expenditure, depending on how close you are and how strong the wind is. The low pressure helps moves you forward. As a cyclist moves forward he produces a turbulent wake of air behind creating a low pressure area behind the rider and an area of wind that moves along with him.

The Cyclist’s Functional Fitness Tune-Up

As a cyclist – and moreover a coach and instructor to cyclists – I wanted to enhance my performance and efficiency through increasing my repertoire of exercises and knowledge about functional fitness specific to my sport. So I sought out the experts in this area, who happened to be just down the road. Nathan Williams is Trainer Manager at UFIT (short for ‘Urban Fitness’), the premier functional fitness studio and boot camp in the Tanjong Pagar CBD area, just a few doors from Athlete Lab Singapore on Amoy Street. He put me through the paces of an introductory movement and mobility class.

Static Core Exercises

For a really challenging workout variation, raise one leg off the floor for any of these exercises. You can either do so for set intervals (eg: 10 seconds on one leg, and swapping every 10 seconds in a 60-second set) or go for a prolonged set where the leg is held up all the way or even moved either vertically or horizontally in a scissoring motion. If you need help in maintaining your form, do these planks facing a full-length mirror or mirrored wall in a gym or similar workout space

Athlete Lab Pride

Breaking news story - of one Ian Nissen (an Aussie Athlete Lab Singapore member) who recently completed the very special, very iconic 'Escape From Alcatraz' Triathlon in San Francisco, USA.

Athlete Lab Sessions vs. Spinning Classes/Studios - The Hard Truth

It's time we tell you why you need to say goodbye to the disco lights and hype of spinning studios and big-brand gym-spin classes. We look into why riding an actual bicycle, or in this case, an Athlete Lab Adjustabike, offers better training benefits over the typical stationary bike often seen in 'big-brand name gym' spinning classes and 'other indoor cycling studios'. Our system was developed to train Olympic athletes train for gold medals on the track and road so we know it rules but here's some basic info behind why you should be in the Lab:

Looking At Power Outside vs. Inside?

Winning the watts game: more than just blind grinding... it's understanding the key differences between dynamic, outside road conditions and the controlled, almost clinical environment that indoor interval sessions afford. "Saved up and got that powermeter finally. How do I go about using it on my outdoor rides now? I want to know, at a basic level, the most important data point when looking at outside/road-derived data and the indoor session-derived data, and how to utilize it." - Samuel, who recently bought and installed a powermeter on his road bike