Athlete Lab Sessions vs. Spinning Classes/Studios - The Hard Truth

It's time we tell you why you need to say goodbye to the disco lights and hype of spinning studios and big-brand gym-spin classes. We look into why riding an actual bicycle, or in this case, an Athlete Lab Adjustabike, offers better training benefits over the typical stationary bike often seen in 'big-brand name gym' spinning classes and 'other indoor cycling studios'. Our system was developed to train Olympic athletes train for gold medals on the track and road so we know it rules but here's some basic info behind why you should be in the Lab:

Looking At Power Outside vs. Inside?

Winning the watts game: more than just blind grinding... it's understanding the key differences between dynamic, outside road conditions and the controlled, almost clinical environment that indoor interval sessions afford. "Saved up and got that powermeter finally. How do I go about using it on my outdoor rides now? I want to know, at a basic level, the most important data point when looking at outside/road-derived data and the indoor session-derived data, and how to utilize it." - Samuel, who recently bought and installed a powermeter on his road bike