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Great Tips For Finding the Right Mountain Bike

Shopping for a new mountain bike can be a daunting task for the uninitiated, certainly for beginner riders, but often for seasoned off-road cyclists too. Here are some key considerations to help you select your ideal off-road steed...

Protein: How Much is Too Much

It’s very common for athletes to consume extra protein, and the sports supplement industry does very well out of us as we buy protein powder by the bucket load. But is it really necessary? How much is too much and what are the dangers, if any?

Ride Smart

Here are some typical things to look out for so that your next event is not only done strong but smart as well - whether you are a time-trialist, a roadie, a triathlete, or even a mountain biker.

Why wait further to embark on your 2015 plans? Take action now!

You can get a head-start and begin working on your targets now! Whether a cyclist, runner, swimmer, triathlete - or just someone who wants to be a better version of your 2014 self - here are plenty of options for you to get you into the thick of action with us...

It's All About That Base

'Base training' is a term often bandied around at end-of-race-season gatherings, parties, or award dinners - yet very few recreational athletes have a clear idea of what it actually entails.

Sprint Training!

Very simply put, sprint training is concerned with improving the generation of speed on the bike via anaerobic energy systems.

How to Ace your FTP Test

You dread it. Yet, you know you need to do it. To see where you stand in terms of fitness, the Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test is the benchmark fitness test we use to gauge your fitness. From your final result, all workouts are scaled, typically as a percentage of your FTP value - measured in watts.

Your FTP vs Vincenzo Nibali’s

For those of you who are new to cycling, your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the maximum average wattage that you can hold for an hour.

London launched!

Welcome to the new Athlete Lab Singapore website for our London…